It has a natural solar deflection of 90%+. The resistance to chemicals and weather deterioration of this product allows us to use it on many different types of roofs, including, but not limited to metal, asbestos, polyurethane foam, sealed and unglazed tile, concrete, tanks and silos. The direct adhesion to the entire roof surface provides a continuous seam-free, windproof and durable roofing system. It will retain its flexibility, and will not become rigid, crack, or peel even at temperatures of 40 degrees below zero. "These energy efficient, lightweight, roofing systems restore & protect metal roofs. These coatings form a seamless bond to metal roof surfaces.

These roofing systems completely adhere to the metal surface; there are no seams, glues, or fasteners to come loose and no gaps, no peeling or chipping." Topps Seal System 1000 Topps Seal System 1000 is a 5 Year spec, metal roof restoration system. The metal roof is first broom cleaned or power washed. A rust inhibitor (RustArrestor) may be used if the metal roof has an abundance of rusted areas. All debris, silicones, coatings, ect will be removed during power washing to create a clean surface for coating. All fasteners will be tightened or replaced if needed.

RivetGuard is then installed at all flashings, seams, cracks, skylights or any other protrusion that may need reinforcing. Any area or gap that exceeds ¼” will be reinforced with Polyprene trial or brush grade material. A generous coating of transparent Sky Coat liquid rubber will be applied to all skylights. Any holes or cracks in fiberglass skylight panels will be repaired with SkyCoat and Polycore membrane. A coat of Topps Excel white rubber coating will then be sprayed over entire metal roof surface at a rate of 2 gallons per roofing square to complete the Topps Seal System 1000.