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Coatings can be used on all types of low-sloped and metal roofs.

Topps Products

Metal Roofing

Metal roof coatings reflect the sun's rays, reducing building temperatures and cooling costs. For When It’s Not A New Roof You Need, But A Better Roof

Topps Seal is a liquid applied, single-ply rubber roof coating that cures to form a seam-free, tough, rubberized roof membrane. This product is a cold application, so there are no dangers of fire. Topps seal waterproofs, rust proofs, seals leaks, saves energy, deadens sound on metal roofs and stretches to sudden temperature change without breaking. It retains tensile strength and flexibility and will not become rigid, crack, or peel even at temperatures of -40 degrees.

Having such extensive elongation and nearly 100% recovery allows the coating to accommodate changing weather requirements as the roof expands and contracts. It restores and protects aged metal, fibered cement, sealed and unglazed tile and felt roofs. This product can also be used on tanks & silos. This product reflects the sun’s UV rays lowering interior temperatures up to 20 degrees or more, saving on energy & cooling costs.

Topps Seal Excel is a 100% rubber, liquid applied, single-ply rubber coating that cures to form a fully adhered, superior seam-free membrane. This product is designed to meet additional strength requirements for most all roofs including concrete roofs. It has an exceptional tensile strength (2500psi) and a multi-directional elongation (600+%) It is bright white in color, which deflects the sun’s UV rays and lowers interior temperatures up to 20 degrees or more which provides savings on energy and cooling costs. More >>